Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good Old Vintage Croton Watches

Croton Watch Co. is one among the oldest watch manufacturing companies. It was established during the time when only few industries manufactured watches. They are a well-known watch manufacturing company, as their watches are high in quality, style and value. They produce a variety of watches made from quartz and other materials. Croton watches are made for all types of occasions.

You may find different ranges of Croton watches such as diamond-jutted watch, sports watch, pocket watch, Vintage watch and watches for everyday wear. Croton manufactures watches for both men as well as women. Watches for men bear bold design, whereas watches for women bear delicate designs. In addition, Croton manufactures pearl dial watches to elevate every personality. What are the various types of vintage croton watches?

Croton Aquamatic 550 Stainless Steel Watch

This is an automatic and waterproof watch made of stainless steel. It is particularly men’s watch that has a self-winding function with Swiss mechanism.Aquamatic Watch from Croton works efficiently and comes with a durable Speidel stretchable band.

Vintage Croton Equator
This watch from Croton has a dial made from linen texture along with numbers printed in artistic manner, thus making the watch more attractive. In addition, the back and the case of this watch are made from durable and tough stainless steel. Vintage Croton Equator comes with a band that appears like a lizard, which suits well with the case and dial. In addition, this watch is water resistant up to 30 meters.

Croton 12 Diamonds
It is particularly a women’s watch. This watch bears 14K white gold. The bezel of this watch bears six diamonds at the top as well as at the bottom. Croton 12 Diamonds comes with a metallic band like a bracelet that suits well with the case and the design of the watch.

10K Solid Gold Croton Vintage Watch

This Croton watch bears 17 jewels along with a unique stem placed at 12 hours.

Croton 14K Lady’s Vintage Watch
This watch comes with a case, which is cushion shaped. The case measures 14.5mm diagonally and 26mm in height. This is one of the most popular Vintage Croton watches. It bears a metallic band plated with gold and is crafted carefully and beautifully with white gold.

Croton watches

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